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Nescafe AP211Vending Machine


A high-tech vending machine for self-serve cafe-style beverages




About this Westomatic Sigma Vending Machine

A high-tech vending machine for self-serve cafe-style beverages.

The sleek and modern design of the Westomatic Sigma coffee vending machine means it suits any workplace, from upmarket offices to call centres to factories. Fantastically durable, it can handle public sites too, such as leisure centres, universities and airports.

The Westomatic Sigma boasts computerized stock reporting, a large internal storage capacity and simple ingredient management which means upkeep is a breeze.

Able to store 500 cups and with a stunningly broad selection of beverages, consumers can use a single-touch option of multi-choice touch-sensitive menus to order espresso, cappuccino or even freshly brewed tea from the Westomatic Sigma coffee vending machine.


  • Height : 1830mm
  • Width : 710mm
  • Depth : 610 (excl door )
  • Depth : 695 (inc door )
  • Weight : 200 kg
  • Boiler Capacity : 6 L
  • Cups : 500


  • Modern and Sleek design suitable for upmarket locations
  • Durable self-serve solution
  • Suitable for workplace or public sites
  • Extensive beverage selection
  • Upkeep a breeze
  • Up to 500 Cups per day
  • Unique in built energy management system reduces power consumption when inactive