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How to Make Iced Coffee with an Espresso Coffee Machine

Tips on Making Iced Coffee with an Espresso Coffee Machine in Perth Western Australia

If you’re a coffee lover and need that caffeine hit on a hot day in Perth’s long hot summer but still want to enjoy the ease and flavours from your espresso coffee machine then read the following tips on how to make iced coffee latte with an espresso coffee machine.

Use a free coffee machine supplied in Perth by Vendwest and use the quality coffee supplied by VendWest. Even better if the boss supplies the milk and all consumable free at your workplace in Perth.

It’s simple: Pour pour a good shot of espresso coffee over milk. Add ice for nice ice latte.

Video instructions showing how to make iced coffee with an espresso coffee machine.

If your work place doesn’t have a good espresso coffee machine in Perth, ask your boss to get a free vend coffee machine for your Perth workplace, from VendWest.