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Azkoyen Zen Benchtop Coffee Machine Perth


Azkoyen Zen Benchtop Espresso Coffee Machine Perth Information



About this Azkoyen Zen

Perth coffee drinkers are demanding more and more sophistication when it comes to workplace coffee machines. They require a service more personalized and adjusted to their needs and they just want great tasting coffee. The Azkoyen Customixer function in the Zen bench top coffee machine allows the user to personally adjust the amount of coffee, milk and sugar that is produced in each cup of coffee thanks to the new VPTT Vending Performance grinder and the flexibility of the Azk V10 espresso Group contained within the magnificent Azkoyen Zen coffee machine.

  • Increase the average selection price or reduce the cost with the new preselections “Extra shot of coffee” and “light coffee”.
  • Increase the sales per machine with the Customixer function that allows the consumer to personalize the service.

Azkoyen Zen Specifications

  • Height : 740 mm
  • Width : 480 mm
  • Depth : 590 mm
  • Weight : 65-70 kg

Base unit

  • Height : 842 mm
  • Width : 480 mm
  • Depth : 590 mm

Azkoyen Zen Features

  • Customixer funtion: fidelize consumer and increase your profits
  • Attractive and customisable: the centre of attention
  • Up to 3 times more autonomy: win more points of sale and optimize routes
  • Reduce operational costs. Making your work easier is our main aim
  • Environmentally friendly