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About this Azkoyen

The Spanish made Azkoyen “City” coffee machine is one of the finest examples of Azkoyen engineering.

The City coffee vending machine is classy enough to operate in the most up market of offices yet robust enough to handle super high volume sites.

The “City M” coffee machine holds a little over 400 cups as opposed to its big brother the “City L” which holds a little over 500 cups and it is not quite as tall.

It can vend every imaginable variation of coffee , tea and hot chocolate including ; Latte , Cappuccino, French Vanilla , Chai Latte , Flat White , Hot Choco Milk , Hot Chocolate , Macchiato , Moccaccino , White Tea , Black Tea and Hot Creamy Milk.

It is preferable to install the City coffee machine next to a tap to ensure uninterrupted water supply however it is possible to fit a refillable water tank if no water is available.

Vendwest operators offer two different types of coffee vending ; Free Vend and Paid Vend.

Free vend means that the coffee machine has no facility for inserting money. The inbuilt computer records how many cups are vended for the month and the client is simply sent an invoice for the number of cups used at the end of each month.

The Free Vend coffee vending system is used at locations where the company wishes to provide free tea and coffee for their staff or customers.

The price of each cup actually compares favorably to the cost of buying tins of coffee and sugar and purchasing new milk every day. The Vendwest Free Vending option comes with the added advantage of eliminating dirty coffee cups and messy lunch rooms.

A Vendwest Operator will attend site every few days to clean, maintain and restock the machine at no additional cost leaving staff free to concentrate on their core business.

Paid Vend coffee vending machines are equipped with a coin mechanism and are generally installed at public places such as Recreation Centres , Sports Stadiums , Airports and Hospitals etc where the public are looking to buy a coffee .

Some really busy cafes are even requesting a Vendwest Paid Vend coffee machine to take a bit of pressure of their counter staff during the really busy periods.

Vendwest also offers a hire coffee machine option for those customers who want to refill their own machine.

Make a hero of yourself at your workplace by requesting a Vendwest coffee vending machine to replace your existing coffee making facilities.


  • Height : 1620 mm
  • Width : 600 mm
  • Depth : 625 mm
  • Weight : 165 kg
  • Capacity : 420/520 cups
  • Selections : 18
  • Pre-selections : 4


  • Very easy to operate
  • Great variety of product with 18 hot beverage selections
  • Fully automatic coffee vending machine with the ability to use your own cup if necessary
  • Self cleaning program regularly keeps all tubes clean and sanitized.
  • Simple programming system
  • Consistently high quality and reliability to ensure a satisfying hot coffee every time.
  • Ability to increase grams of product vended for all selections.
  • Able to program one selection for weak coffee and one for strong coffee.
  • Very attractive design with backlit graphics.
  • Modular components that can be easily removed for the cleaning and maintenance of the coffee machine.